Founded in 1997 by the brothers Henrik and Claus Ibsen Venmark Fisk A/S started to deliver fresh fish from the daily auctions in Hirtshals to both super markets and restaurants. At that time the company was localized in a small basement store, but soon these locations grew too small. In 2003 the new company address was taken into use at the industrial area still in Hirtshals, where room for further expansion was available. Aside from delivering whole fish it now became a possibility to provide customers with filets, and as a result the number of employees increased. In 2010 Venmark began export of fish all over Europe, delivered within one day of the auction, and in 2015 once again the locations grew too small. Still localized in Hirtshals nowadays we produce, store and pack in our 1500 m2 facilities.

We attend the Northern auctions every single day, considering it as our finest job to provide our customers with exactly the fish product they need. Aside from the fresh fish we also import and store a large range of frozen fish products, to secure the right assortment – You will only need us to provide you with the fruits of the ocean.